About …

… me!

Hello! It’s me.

My name for which I would like to know is José Manuel Garcia Román, Manu for friends. I was born in Bilbao province of Vizcaya, Spain, on January 7, 1969. I have always had an interest in everything related to science, physics, chemistry, mathematics. Since I was young and I still am, I have been passionate about astronomy both visual facts, images of galaxies, nebulae and others as well as the physical principles that govern them, everything that has to do with ufology, UFOs and others my position It is very simple “Seeing is believing”.

I like to listen to music at any time of the day, I lean more for techno, pop, classical music, I’m just listening to music in a place, not going out to a dance floor. I am a Fan since the beginning of the Pet Shop Boys, reading is another of my hobbies, I usually devour science fiction books, although I do not dislike any other kind of subject. I love kitchen and cooking, eat almost everything and I cook almost everything, but with age one should start to take care of himself, there is no other.

I have always been an active person in sports although today I only go to the gym because it is the cheapest and most comfortable. My sports hobbies are obviously football, in the country of the king sport I do not think it’s a surprise, it goes without saying that my team is the Athlétic Club of Bilbao. Other sports that I follow with interest are mainly motorsports, tennis, athletics, basketball, more or less in that order. Good friend of my friends, good conversationalist but not of nonsense, serious, formal, loyal and discreet I think that this last thing is something to consider today considering how radio yard works.

Obviously we all have our political inclinations but I do not profess any kind of political affiliation, even so, I follow the policy with some interest in spite of the politicians and the one that is falling to us … and what you will go around brunette!

For some time I have declared myself agnostic, I believe in the existence of a supreme mind, call it God if you want but religions I have already overcome, for simple and elementary people are fine but for those who ask ourselves what is beyond what What they offer us limits us too much, of course I respect the beliefs of others.

Hubble in orbit (artist's impression)
Hubble in orbit (artist’s impression). This artist’s concept shows the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope in orbit around the Earth. The telescope’s current appearance is the result both of its original design, and the modifications made during five servicing missions. In particular, the most recent set of solar panels, visible here, substantially changed the appearance of the telescope when they were installed during Servicing Mission 3B in 2002. They are smaller than the older panels, and produce significantly more power. Credit: ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser).

Single without commitment and without children at least recognized. If there is someone out there with part of my DNA only God knows, do not scandalize I am not a Saint. If you have good content and you have no problems in sharing them, I will be aware and if you add me to your contacts you will be welcome.

I have always liked astronomy, it has been one of my great passions and weaknesses and at this moment technology and above all the Internet allows us to be up to date with everything that happens in this astronomical world. I am a person who has always liked to learn, life is a school of continuous learning and I believe that learning and divulging what happens in the Universe is something that is necessary. Astronomy is a science for amateurs, the title is not given anywhere, so with a certain criterion and with previous knowledge this modest profession can be developed. Nowadays, being an astronomer is a very broad field, not only astronomers are considered observers of stellar objects in the field at midnight, but also those who, thanks to both spatial observatories and those located on Earth, learn and disclose said knowledge that is nothing more than the work of other professionals who turn their body and soul into this profession.

… the blog!

This blog I initiate to cover that increasing demand of people who ask me for publications in English. Although my level of English is very limited, I do not speak much or very well, I decided to throw myself to enhance it.

The publications will be about the latest developments in astronomy, I will not mess with previous publications since many are obsolete especially in regard to astrophysics. If you want more information you can direct me to my astronomy blog in Spanish: https://eluniversodemanu.blogspot.com

This blog is not intended for anything or anyone in particular so no one will be alluded to. It will contain everything related to astronomy and everything that happens in what has been called our Local Universe, galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets and the different stellar objects that populate our Cosmos. You will find both familiar images and the latest astronomical news. I am the author and the only blogger that publishes and will publish in this blog, it is not a blog of bloggers. The language with which I will develop it will be Spanish or Spanish from Spain.

To clarify concepts this blog does not have the approval of any space agency or astronomical observatory, I am not official representative, spokesman, or work for any astronomical association, space agency, space observatory and all that group, association, company that officially publishes this kind of knowledge, I would like it. If someone wants official links that go to the official websites of these associations, there you can find all the other official links to the different social networks, pages, blogs that have these companies, I hope I was quite clear at this point because I think it generates confusion.

Author’s image of the ESA’s XMM-Newton X-ray space telescope. Credit: ESA

It is not a blog to solve doubts or clarify concepts, I am not the right person, after all I am a mere transmitter of images and theories of other people who turn their body and soul into this science. You can suggest or advise if you want to write about any concrete fact of astronomy, provided it is done in the correct way. Of course, it can be shared in any social network.

The blog will be expanded with the passage of entries, will be adding little by little the necessary labels as new entries are made. It is a slow and constant work, the material to be shared is very varied, abundant and complex, and novelties are produced as the days go by. I will use a simple language without ceasing to be as professional as possible, I will tell and explain the facts as faithfully as they occur, what I consider that does not have a satisfactory explanation or is difficult to understand will not be shared. The entries already made will be updated as you find more material, more convincing explanations or other scientific approach, be alert to possible developments, I will inform you.

Necessary questions or F.A.Q.

This Blog is done because I think it is the necessary step to be able to more easily develop my astronomical publications and have them in a personalized file that I can easily access and then share.

For what?
To study and learn mainly. I collect the necessary information and input to input I am developing this blog and I show what is this Universe thanks to the tools that technology offers us today. The approach that I give is both astronomical and astrophysical, I will share the tickets in different social networks mainly Google + and Facebook.

For whom?
It is intended for any audience, whether you are a person who understands these matters or if you are a person who starts in this world.

If you want to comment.

Author’s image of the Chandra X-ray telescope at NASA Credit: NASA / CXC / SAO.

Guidelines to follow about the comments in the blog itself, please read carefully:

  • The comments will be perfectly legible and will preferably be done in English without spelling mistakes.
  • Comments on ufology, UFOs, astrology, divination arts and so forth are not allowed, nor is any kind of publicity, self-promotion or opinion polling permitted.
  • No disrespect is allowed to any person or group of people of whatever nature.
  • Images that have nothing to do with the theme of the blog or with the blogger are not allowed.
  • If you enter a discussion of comments you can use the different tools provided by technology such as hangouts, messenger or whastapp to be able to do it in private.
  • All comments that do not comply with these rules will be deleted, if the author persists in their behavior will be blocked from my accounts Google +, Twitter  and Facebook, it will not be the first time it happens or I guess it will be the last.
  • These rules are logical and simple and although they may sound a little authoritarian I see myself in the obligation to do so to maintain an order within the blog comments, I know what I observe in the odd blog. Please, enjoy the astronomical news with harmony, peace and calm.

… contact me!

If someone thinks there may be a problem with the images or the function or content of the blog, you can contact me by leaving a comment or in a more personal way by sending an e-mail to my email address: jomagaro069@gmail.com and I will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Be all welcome and thanks you for your time.

Blog started in Bilbao, Spain, on October 9, 2.018.



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